About Debbie Pierce


Debbie Pierce was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She loved music right from the start and began her musical career at the tender age of six. After much begging and pleading, her parents finally gave in and enrolled her in piano lessons. Debbie didn’t mind that she did not have a piano at home - she just loved music and was thrilled to be learning to play it. Her Mom took her to weekly lessons and drove Debbie back and forth to the family church to practice on their piano whenever she could.


Debbie Pierce

Soon, people at church were noticing Debbie's musical talents and she was playing for church services and church functions by the age of fourteen. That fueled her interest even more and by the time she entered high school, Debbie was so curious about other instruments that she was taking lessons on three other musical instruments each  because she wanted to learn to play the trumpet like her big brother and the french horn like her little sister.


In time, Debbie grew up and went off to college. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University in 1981. Today, she is a multi-talented artist who plays the piano, keyboards, flute, saxophone, and clarinet, and performs styles of music including classical, jazz, pop, and rock. She has been playing professionally all over South Florida for more than twenty-seven years and has captivated and entertained thousands of listeners at weddings, cocktail parties, corporate functions, and other events. She's played on stage with Nancy Wilson, Doc Seversen, Robert Goulet, and Eddie Money. Debbie has also performed with the classical greats Earl Wild, Lorin Hollander, and Yamos Starker, and she has enjoyed entertaining at the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theater in Jupiter, FL.


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